Regional energy resilience

Eastland Network, together with Eastland Group, is working to ensure the Tairāwhiti and Wairoa regions have a secure, resilient power supply.

Protecting our natural environments, our waters and lands, is important to our communities. At the same time, our economy is booming and demands on power continue to increase.

Currently, we rely on a single transmission line with two 100kV circuits to supply electricity to all of Wairoa, Gisborne and the East Coast. Significant industrial investment into areas such as wood processing, the growth in new homes and businesses, and the forecast uptake in electric vehicles, are all predicted to put pressure on this power supply.

The communities of Tairāwhiti can’t be expected to fund a second transmission line; we need to look at options that can meet the region’s future energy needs, but mean that people don’t pay too much for their power.

There are also the pressing demands of climate change.

Given all these challenges, and the potential of the region’s natural resources, we’re actively exploring opportunities for renewable energy generation, right here in our home region of Tairāwhiti.


We’re assessing the possibilities of locally situated solar, wind and waste-to-energy plants.

We’ve already conducted a long term domestic solar trial. We’ve installed solar panels on the roof of our Carnarvon Street HQ, and are monitoring output and testing efficiencies and performance.


Read more about our future plansand how we’re planning for the “electrification of everything”.