Become a Network-approved contractor

Becoming an Eastland Network-approved contractor

Thank you for your company's interest in becoming an Eastland Network-approved contractor. Please read and follow the contractor approval process outlined below.

What is an approved contractor?

An approved contractor is a contractor that has attained and retains approval from Eastland Network to carry out work on Eastland Network's electrical assets, when not under the direct supervision of an approved Eastland Network authorisation certificate holder.

An approved contractor may - subject to its respective approved contractor licence and any relevant work order or contract - carry out work on, or within four metres of, any of Eastland Network's electricity network assets (work on the Network).

Network-approved contractors represent Eastland Network when undertaking work on or near our assets. They are required to maintain a higher level of competency with Network requirements. For these reasons, it's important that we ensure there are the right number of contractors on the approved contractors list.

Types of approved contractors

At Eastland Network we operate different levels of contractor approval based on the request made by the contractor, the competencies held, and the need for the Network to ensure the right number and types of approved contractors are represented.

Tree contractors

To undertake work on trees near Network assets, up to and including within the MAD (minimum approach-with appropriate qualifications)

Network contractors Application for Service (AFS)

This function is to enable new connections, increases in load and alterations.


Cable locations

To locate network assets.

Network construction/maintenance

Small jobs, large jobs, and complex jobs.


Small jobs, large jobs, and complex jobs.

 Electrical inspectors



Approved contractor licence

An approved contractor licence is required by all contractors who may wish to work on the Network - irrespective of how, when or for whom they work, or who manages the work, or pays for it. For example, an approved contractor licence is required for work on the Eastland Network where the engagement is made by or for:

  • Eastland Network
  • A third party, where assets will be connected to the Network, or where Eastland Network will become the owner, operator, manager or maintainer of the assets. Foe example, a network extension or augmentation known by Eastland Network as customer initiated work.
  • Third parties not directly engaged by Eastland Network, that are required to work within the distances specified within Eastland Network's Electrical Code of Practice 34:2001 (Safe Working Distances).


Qualifying as an approved contractor

To qualify as an approved contractor, you must be able to demonstrate that:

  • You understand, accept, and are managing your obligations under all relevant and applicable laws (including, for example, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, the Resource Management Act 1991, the Electricity Act 1992 and all associated subordinate legislation).
  • You fully accept and comply with Eastland Network's requirements and specifications, as described within our asset management documents.
  • You follow appropriate and relevant industry standards wherever applicable.
  • You have implemented operating practices and procedures that meet all the relevant requirements.
  • All your employees and subcontractors meet all relevant competency requirements in respect of the work types for which you're seeking approval.
  • You have systems, practices and procedures in place to ensure that you will always meet the approval requriements.


The approval process

The contractor approval process is undertaken in a collaborative way. Eastland Network and the applicant work together to assess whether the applicant can demonstrate the necessary systems and processes required to become and approved contractor.

Part of this assessment also looks at the alignment of the application to the Network's business processes, values and company direction. 

There are three stages before they can become approved to undertake specific work on the Network.
These stages are:

  • Pre - qualification inquiry
  • Detailed application and approval
  • Provision and acceptance of individual employee competency evidence

The first stage involves the applicant obtaining a clear understanding of Eastland Network's requirements, submitting a pre - qualification inquiry form for consideration, and an initial assessment by Eastland Network's approved contractor group.

The detailed application stage requires the provision of more detailed information from the applicant and an in-depth assessment of the applicant's documentation, systems processes and work practices, including risk identification, management and control. It also requires work history to be reviewed. This is done via the contractor pre-approval application.

The third and final stage involves a competency assessment of the individual employees who have been nominated by the contractor to carry out work on the network. Following an interview and Eastland Network confirming pre-approval acceptance, the employees will be required to attend a safety initiation and orientation day at the Eastland Network office.


Fee structure

As an applicant, you may be required to meet the cost of an external peer review of your systems and processes. Costs will be discussed and agreed prior to proceeding with any external review, on a case by case basis.

Get in touch

To request a contractor pre-qualification inquiry form and start the approval process, please email

Note: Eastland Network reserves the right, at any time for any reason and with or without prior notice, to change its fees or fee structure and to introduce new fees. Fees are non-refundable. Eastland Network also reserves the right to remove approved contractor status at any time, should we believe the requirements have been breached, or where a complaint is received and confirmed as correct around workmanship, safety or Network representation. If approval is removed, the contractor will be notified in writing.